For all jewellery, free standing and wall mounted beasties please go to my


For webs, leaf cutter ants, wood mounted beasties and fairies please see below.

Driftwood Spider Webs

Intricately woven spider-webs made from silver-plated wire
and driftwood, in a variety of sizes.

Each piece is unique although the smallest ones I do (at £35 incl. P and P) are listed on my ETSY website as these can be re produced in a similar fashion each time.

For larger pieces you will need to get in touch to commission your own web or alternatively browse what the Jardine Gallery have in stock. This wonderful Perth gallery list each piece I send them individually and deals with online sales.

Leafcutter Ants

Busy groups of leafcutter ants cutting up and transporting pieces of leaf along various pieces of driftwood. The ants are made from red jasper and goldstone semi precious stones and silver plated copper wire. The leaves are made from bright, blunt green glass shards.

They can be made from £25 upwards depending upon the number of ants and the size of the wood and can be shelf or wall mounted. Please get in touch for commissions or see what Perth's Jardine Gallery have in stock.

Beasties on Wood

Commission your own unique wall mounted driftwood piece with a selection of your favourite creatures- a couple of honey bees, some foraging ants, battling spiders, docile ladybirds, the possibilities are endless.

Pieces from £12 for one small bug. Please get in touch with your ideas and requests. Some designs can also be found on the Jardine Gallery website.


Pretty little flower faries just like I used to imagine as a little girl!
Made in a wide range of sizes and colours. Each one is different so if ordering online please specify the colour and price and I'll select an individual for you. It will not be identical to the picture.


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